The Strategic Planning Framework for Fisheries: 2010-2019 Cambodia

Jul 14, 2011
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The Strategic Planning Framework sets out the Kingdom of Cambodia's Royal Government's vision for the future of the fisheries sector in Cambodia and describes the goals that must be reached in order to implement it. Its purpose is to support the achievement of Cambodia's Millennium Development Goals, implementation of the National Strategic Development Plan, and compliance with the Law on Fisheries, to the benefit of the people of Cambodia. It describes the overarching strategic context, and the challenges and opportunities facing the sector. It lays out the Royal Government's strategic priorities for sustaining and developing the sector and includes targets for this sustainment and development. It is intended for the guidance of all stakeholders in the fisheries sector and to give provenance and guidance to their supporting development and action plans and, particularly, the plans and actions of the Fisheries Administration (FiA). A second supporting Volume, 'Feeding Growth', is also available and contains the detailed descriptions, analysis and justification that have been instrumental in the process of formulating this Strategic Planning Framework.