Good Management Practice in Sustainable Fisheries: Key Concepts II, Fisheries Policy, the Policy Process and Policy Analysis

Apr 01, 2004
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The purpose of this series of Policy Briefs is to ensure effective dissemination of information collected and generated as a result of the World Bank-funded Study of Good Management Practice in Sustainable Fisheries, the ACP Fish II Feasibility Study (EC), and a Workshop on Fiscal Reform in Fisheries (DFID and GTZ). Policy Brief 13 addresses the key concepts of fisheries policy, the policy process and policy analysis. Emphasis has been given to the centrality of public policy in achieving the type of proactive approach to fisheries management needed in order for it to be effective. In this context we are referring essentially to public policy. However, questions, sometimes unspoken, often arise as to: What is really meant by policy and why are policies important? What is a policy process? Is there a specific process that should be followed? What is involved in policy analysis?