Good Management Practice in Sustainable Fisheries: Institutional Capacity-building for Success in Fisheries Management

Apr 01, 2004
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The purpose of this series of Policy Briefs is to ensure effective dissemination of information collected and generated as a result of the World Bank-funded Study of Good Management Practice in Sustainable Fisheries, the ACP Fish II Feasibility Study (EC), and a Workshop on Fiscal Reform in Fisheries (DFID and GTZ). In Policy Brief 3, institutions matter for fisheries management. Working towards success in fisheries management requires consideration of many factors, but the underpinning role of appropriate institutions is fundamental to the process. Without strong, capable institutions fisheries management cannot hope to work towards success. While institutional capacity-building is relevant to all fisheries, there appears to be greatest need in developing countries where institutions are often new and untried, or weak and in need of further assistance.