Good Management Practice in Sustainable Fisheries: Cooperation in Fisheries Management, the Case of Senegal (Draft)

Apr 01, 2004
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The purpose of this series of Policy Briefs is to ensure effective dissemination of information collected and generated as a result of the World Bank-funded Study of Good Management Practice in Sustainable Fisheries, the ACP Fish II Feasibility Study (EC), and a Workshop on Fiscal Reform in Fisheries (DFID and GTZ). In Policy Brief 8, cooperation between stakeholders is a key to success: this cooperation may be horizontal with local fishers joining together to push for change or may be vertical with local groups working together with industry and government to develop and implement fisheries management plans. Co-management – one form of cooperative behaviour – may help to improve the chances of success in fisheries management. The cornerstone of cooperation is, of course, the sense of 'ownership' of the process of management which can often encourage greater compliance with new fishery regulations.