Framing the Flow: Innovative Approaches to Understand, Protect and Value Ecosystem Services Across Linked Habitats

Feb 01, 2010
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This is the summary report of the Regional Workshop on Co-management in Small-Scale Fisheries on 12-13 December 2012, Bangkok, Thailand. The four year, Spanish funded, FAO -Regional Fisheries Livelihoods Programme for South and Southeast Asia (RFLP) is working to strengthen the capacity among participating small-scale fishing communities and their supporting institutions in Cambodia, Asia (Southeastern)-Indonesia; the Asia (Southeastern)-Philippines; Asia (Southern)-Sri Lanka; Timor-Leste and Viet Nam. By doing so the RFLP is seeking to improve the livelihoods of fisher folk and their families while fostering more sustainable fisheries resources management practices. RFLP is seeking to put in place mechanisms and capacity for joint management of fisheries between the fishers and government authorities. National policies and legislation (local regulations) are being amended; registration of fishing boats have been either introduced and/or improved; stakeholder organizations have been formed and strengthened; officials and community members have been trained in co-management; fisheries management plans have been developed and implemented; there has been improvements in habitat management practices; and there have been participatory enforcement mechanisms put in place, among other actions. The purpose of the workshop is to facilitate regional sharing of information and experience (RFLP Output 6) with regards to RFLP co-management interventions (RFLP Output 1).