Global Management Effectiveness Study: Integrated Social and Ecological Report for Non-node and Node Sites

by B. Shank; C. Dalghren; H. Patel; J. F. Bertrand; L. Kaufman; R. Pomeroy; S. Gopal; T. Campson

Apr 1, 2010
The purpose of this study is to provide a critical assessment of the implementation, impact, and performance of Marine Managed Area (MMA) projects to serve as a basis for improved planning and implementation of new MMA projects worldwide. The specific objectives of the study are (1) to determine the socioeconomic, governance and ecological effects of MMAs; (2) to determine the critical factors influencing MMA effects, as well as the impact of the timing of those factors on the effects of the MMA; and (3) to provide tools for predicting MMA effects based on ecological, socioeconomic and governance variable.
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